Amazon patents noise-canceling headphones that could turn off when someone yells your name!

Noise cancelling headphones - God's gift to humanity. Remember the times when that noisy neighbour had your ears bleeding with their cacophony of unpleasant noises that they called music? We don't - thanks to noise cancelling earphones. As much of a bliss as it is, it does have a big drawback. Along with cancelling out the noise of that shrieking baby sitting in the nest seat to you, noise cancelling earphones also cancel out the necessary noises - like someone calling out your name or car horns or a the sound of your phone ringing. That could be your girlfriend and imagine the trouble you get into if you miss her call! But thanks to Amazon, you would no longer have to face this agony. Amazon just patented a noise cancelling technology that could turn off when someone calls your name.

Your earphones will automatically click off when it "hears" certain sound patterns, frequencies and even keywords like a name.

Sounds darn exciting, doesn't it? Why don't you read more to find out about this magical development.