Heart Before Mind; Tigers Before Diamonds – Centre Rejects 3.3 million dollar Mining Project  In Order To Protect Tigers

Tiger population has dwindled all around the world; to an extent that the question of extinction of the species has become a global concern. Poaching and deforestation have been the main causes of the dwindling numbers of this royal beast.
At a time when tiger conservation has almost become a war cry; it was a welcome move by the Indian government when it rejected a whopping 3.3 million dollar diamond mining project in favour of protecting the tiger habitat in Madhya Pradesh.
• An environment ministry panel has deferred forest clearance to the Rs 2200 crore project saying it would lead to permanent loss of the high quality forest areas.
• The project has been pending for forest clearance since 2014.
• Rio Tinto said that nearly half a million trees would have to be cut down to make way for the diamond mine.

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