If you want him to be crazy for you than you must have to know these few kissing tips-

• Dont wait to find out a particular place or time for kissing. You can kiss him in office, in the movie or concert. You can enjoy a slow kiss atleast for few seconds.

• If you want him to kiss you on particular part of your body than you can spray some chocolate sauce or fruit jam on that part of your body. It will be more enjoyable for both of you.

• Suck his tongue and lip with the tip of your tongue. For sure he will hug you and grab you hardly & beg you for kissing him more.

• If you want more fun and love than try something new. Tie his hands or hold his hands down when you are going to kiss him. You can blind fold him so he wont know where your lips are going next .

• Kiss him in other places besides his lips. Start softly and go slowly .

Being a good kisser you must have to follow these few tips. If you are good in kissing it makes keeping him attracted even easier.