We heard it mostly that love is blind but here its really proofed that love never see physical appearance or money. Its just only feel the feeling of heart.


GODFREY BAGUMA is living in Uganda with a large family. He is famous as the ugliest man in uganda. Everyone known him with the name "Sebabi" which means "ugliest of all them". He is suffering from a medical condition and because of that his look is too much ugly and weird.


Sebabi's first wife left her when they had six kids. He caught her cheating with another man. He knew it that she loves him beacuse of his money and that is why she select another man for other physical needs. He assured her later that their relationship is over.


He married to his second wife KATE NAMADA in 2013 at the age of 47 . They both first met when Namada was 18. Sebabi hide his relationship from others and also told Namada to hide it , because he thought that if other people will see both of them together then they will advice Namada to leave him because he is looking ugly .Namda left Sebabi when she was 6 months pregnant but later she realised that she really loves sebabi and that is why she came back to him and get married in 2013.


Now they both are celebrating their 8th child and living happily.

We wish both of them Good luck and best wishes for their future.


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