First impression is the last impression. We heard it mostly and this is sometimes true too. In present time mostly all the boys are using social sites, some of them using it for fun, some using for passing the time and some of them are using it to make male/female friends.


Here we are talking about ,How to impress a girl in an online chat? Its not that much tough, just you have to take care of few little but most important things.


We are giving here some useful techniques by which you can impress a girl :


• Start a chat with normal "Hi" . Girl dont like to chat with that boy who send her a first message "Hi sexy! Or Hey girl you looking so hot ".


• Finishing a long chat conversation its time to stop messaging her for a minute or two. Let her miss you for few minutes after that you can start chatting again with normal conversation. After a long chat you can guess weather she likes chatting with you or not.


• If you are sure that she likes to chat with you than now its time for second turn. Let her be free infront of you. If you are talking with her than ask her about herself , her likes and dislikes, her choices. Dont talk about anyone else infront of her or other useless things .


• When its confirmed that she likes to talk you in chat start little romantic talk. Try to talk polietly and show her your love and care for her. Make her feel free infront of you .


These are the little but most effective things whichbcan attracts her to you.

(Thanks for giving us your time.)