We are really shocked when we heard this news. How can someone who live in india bans our National Anthem at particular place?


This news comes from Allahabad. A manager of private school bans Vande Matram , Saraswati Vandana and National Anthem during Independence Day because according to him it is "un-islamic" . Principal and teacher of school protest against it and all resigned from the school.


According to Manager Mohammad Zia-Ul-Hak he has taken this decision for some muslims parents.The line in National Anthem 'Bharat Bhagya Vidhata' in the first stanza is against Islamic Religion.He said that "only allah is our bhagya vidhata, How can we call bharat our Bhagya Vidhata? ". There are total 300 students in school half of them are hindus and other half are muslims.


After this news the manager was arrested on sunday when a complain filed against him by Education Department Officials.