Fawad khan throws out harsh words against India, after reaching Pakistan. Those who supported him should now die out of shame..!!!

Fawad Khan has given a gift to all those people who were supporting him in India by spitting upon their faces. According to the media reports two days before Fawad Take off his flight for Pakistan. 

After reaching Fawad Khan said, " My first priority is Pakistan. Pakistan comes first, indian person's heart is so small. Only money is important for these people, there is no love for country and our soldiers."

Let me remind all that a few days before Director Karan Johar was supporting this Fawad Khan and said that ,"It is wrong to oppose the Pakistani actors". Fawad spit on the face of these Indian supporters.

When Fawad Khan was in Mumbai he was SHARIFF, but now he showed all of us his real status, so those who are supporting him in India just need to die .


Source DainikBharat