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"The extreme limit of wisdom, thats what the public calls madness" - Jean Cocteau.

Hence, taking cue from the name '3 Mad', the Solemn and complete truth is this : the page contains only comprehensible, knowledgeable articles. Lol, just kidding. 
Here you will get your everyday page 3 activities, gossips and news related to entertainment and sports industry. Exclusively developed by the mass for the mass, this page promises to be one hell of a ride! You can follow our facebook page here:

Well thats what we are... but ever wondered why we are..?? why this Madness..?? What is madness, if it ain't carried with friends! One fine day an apple attracted by gravity fell on the head of one friend and bounced on the head of the other two. It was that very day, that the idea of this website came into existence. 3 MAD deals with day to day page 3 activities, gossips and news related to the industry. The page develops its content for the mass and puts it up in the website for the mass.

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